Advocating for Better Health

With our 360-degree view of the healthcare landscape, McKesson recognizes its responsibility to participate in the public policy process. Our Public Affairs team builds and maintains working relationships with officials at every level of government.


    The Patient Comes First

    At McKesson, our public policy efforts prioritize what’s best for the patient. Our work is driven by the core belief that the Patient Comes First. The first step towards better health is access to high quality and affordable care. We must also ensure that patients have the right information to be effective managers of their own health and make informed choices about their care.

Our Public Affairs Focus

Our Public Affairs team operates at the intersection of healthcare, policy and politics on behalf of the company. We establish and strengthen relationships with federal, state and local elected and government officials. When we engage with legislators and regulators, we educate them on McKesson’s operations, our role in healthcare and the unique perspective we offer. Through tours of our distribution centers and visits to pharmacy and hospital customers, we highlight the many ways McKesson delivers better health across the country.

We participate in trade associations and industry groups as well as professional organizations to build key relationships that we leverage in our public policy work.

  • We Believe:

    The patient comes first

    We should never compromise patient access or quality of care.

    Free market competition lowers prices

    We need to foster a robust, competitive marketplace, including accelerated regulatory approval pathways for generics and breakthrough drugs.

    Informed patients make better consumers

    We should empower patients to make informed personal choices based on both clinical benefit and cost.

    Patient costs matter

    We must ensure that patients directly benefit from any savings in the healthcare system.

    We should reward for value

    The total cost of care and positive outcomes for patients should drive reimbursement policies.

    We need sustainable solutions

    We must foster system-wide reform, not simply short-term fixes.

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