intraFUSION Comprehensive In-Office Infusion Management for Specialty Practices

In-office medication infusion management helps optimize your patient experience, increase compliance with therapeutic regimens and improve your practice’s operation and profitability.


    Your Practice Partner for Infusion Management

    Dr. Christopher LaGanke, MD of North Central Neurology Associates discusses how intraFUSION helps him deliver optimal care for his MS patients.

intraFUSION’s comprehensive in-office infusion management benefits you and your patients with:

  • Higher quality of care
  • Improved patient outcomes through increased patient compliance
  • Increased patient and provider convenience
  • No incremental workload for practice staff
  • Enhanced business growth for your practice

intraFUSION provides everything your practice needs to establish and manage a successful office-based infusion therapy center

In-office drug infusion opportunity analysis

Prior to engagement, we provide a comprehensive pro-forma and financial opportunity analysis with your specialty practice.

Qualified and experienced medication infusion staffing

We employ only the most qualified and experienced infusion nurses and operational staff for your in-office infusion therapy center. We handle every aspect of employee hiring, training, scheduling and payroll, and provide comprehensive Human Resources management services for all infusion therapy center employees.

Transparent drug purchasing and inventory management

Our centralized medication purchasing department handles all aspects of purchasing for your infusion therapy suite. We’ll work with you to ensure you recognize absolute cost savings. We stay ahead of drug and reimbursement changes so you get the lowest drug pricing available, and you benefit from all rebates and discounts.

We do not mark-up drugs, solutions or supplies and there are no hidden fees, charges or surprises. Our real-time perpetual inventory control prevents theft, loss, and waste.

Comprehensive financial reporting and billing

We provide clear, comprehensive financial reporting monthly and quarterly. Our centralized Reimbursement Team specializes in billing and collecting infusion services, and we make sure drug infusion services are authorized before treatment begins. We handle staff payroll, banking and account reconciliation.

Medication infusion capital equipment and space planning

We purchase and install all capital equipment required for your in-office drug infusion suite, and we work with you to determine appropriate space and design.

Expert operational oversight

We handle all patient scheduling and ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Our centralized IT department will handle all your infusion suite IT needs including:

  • Software
  • Network
  • IT Support

Focus on practicing medicine and leave the drug infusion management to us

Turn your specialty practice into a healthcare destination for infusion therapy patients with your own office-based infusion therapy center. intraFUSION helps you focus on improved patient care while bringing a new revenue source to your practice.

With intraFUSION, you can be confident that your patients and business are well cared for.

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    intraFUSION Manages Your Infusion Business so You Can Focus on Patient Care

    Dr. W. Hayes Wilson and Dr. Kimberly Wilson of Piedmont Rheumatology Consultants discuss why they chose intraFUSION to establish and manage their in-office infusion center.


    Our medical practice just had our first anniversary with Intrafusion! We have received the level of service expected from a ‘turn key’ infusion service, plus additional attention as well. Their management/reimbursement team took time to personally visit, and as the practice has grown, needed adjustments were handled swiftly with ease. Our patients are so pleased to have such a wonderful nursing staff to care for them with the added convenience of having their Rheumatologist see them during treatment. As a practice and billing manager, I can see that Intrafusion stays aware of changing insurance, medication costs and prior authorization issues. Thank you for a job well done.

    –Mignone Bishop, Rheumatology Practice Manager | College Station, TX


    I highly recommend Intrafusion to manage your in-office infusion business. For over 5 years, they’ve been easy to work with, and a professional and responsive partner. They provide high quality care with great ethic and respect for the patient’s privacy and dignity.

    –D.R. Bartel, Neurology MD | Wichita Falls, TX